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Steve Sasser and has over 30 years of experience in providing legal services to clients throughout the State of Alabama. He has provided a wide range of services to individual, families and companies of all sizes. He is dedicated to providing his clients with innovative and tailored legal solutions for his clients.

In addition to practicing law, Steve Sasser is also the owner of Steve Sasser Photography where he specializes in nature, concert, sports and travel photography. Through Steve Sasser Photography he provides images to magazines and other publications as well as prints. Several examples of his prints are displayed on the walls of the firm’s offices. To find out more about Steve Sasser Photography click here.

Steve has been married for over 30 years to Heather who also serves as the Chief Financial Officer for the firm. When not at the firm, she is the full time Chief Financial Officer for Decatur Heritage Christian Academy, a local private school. They have 4 grown and successful quadruplet sons, William, Mathew, Andrew and Phillip and one fantastic daughter-in-law, Shelby. Now that the kids are grown the house is full of three dogs who are full of energy and mischief. If you want to know more about the youngest one, Shug, check out her antics and those of her brother and sister here.

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