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The firm represents small and medium - size businesses in all manner of corporate organization and governance. We counsel clients on the options available for their business structure, the best way to organize their business and if necessary, to restructure an existing business. We also provide ongoing services and advice to help our clients’ businesses grow. It is the firm’s goal to build client relationships from singular matters to long term attorney – client representation.

Business services include:

  • Counseling on choice of business entity

  • Formation and dissolution of businesses

  • Contract negotiations

  • Buy-Sell agreements

  • Advice regarding business governance issues and disputes

  • Non-disclosure agreements

  • Employment contracts

  • Employee handbooks and manuals

  • Non-compete agreements

  • Business restructuring and workouts

  • Commercial transactions

  • Purchase and sale of businesses

  • Advice on and formation of non-profit entities



The firm provides representation to individual and business clients in most types of civil litigation. Whether prosecuting a case on behalf of a plaintiff or defending a client who has been sued. The firm has extensive experience in civil litigation, but also recognizes that litigation is not always the best course of action in every case and will work with clients to try and negotiate a resolution to the dispute. Nevertheless, the firm also knows that some situations cannot be resolved without litigation. In these cases, the firm is prepared to represent its clients throughout the litigation process. While he always goes into litigation with the idea that the case will be tried, he continues to search for ways the client may be best served by a settlement or other resolution short of trial.


The firm also provides our clients with assistance in the negotiation and preparation of contracts and other business and commercial documents.


The firm provides both consumer and commercial collection services to creditors of all sizes. The firm works with clients to structure lending agreements, collateral agreements and lien documentation. Clients are also provided with collections solutions when necessary. These services include collection litigations, garnishments, judgment execution and other remedies available.

Collection services include:

  • Negotiation of credit agreements

  • Commercial and consumer loan workouts

  • Forbearance agreements

  • Collection litigation

  • Asset recovery

  • Judgement enforcement and collection including garnishment and judgment execution


The opportunity to represent parents in the process of adopting children is one of the most fulfilling services the firm can provide to clients. Adoptions form forever families that impact lives for generations. Whether the adoptive parents are foster parents, step-parents or completely unrelated to the child or children in question, our office can assist you with the adoption process in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Adoption services include:

  • Counseling on adoption issues and processes

  • Foster parent adoptions

  • Step-parent adoptions

  • Unrelated adoptions

  • International adoptions

  • Preparation of adoption documents

  • Representation of adoptive parents

  • Coordination of home studies and placement reports


For more than 30 years Mr. Sasser has provided representation to residential and commercial landlords in matters involving the interpretation of documents and eviction of tenants. He has appeared in courts through out Alabama to assist clients with reclaiming property from tenants in default or violation of their lease agreements. His experience includes representing tax credit and subsidized apartments as well as traditional apartments and complexes. He also negotiates and drafts both residential and commercial lease agreements and related documents.

Services include:

  • Drafting commercial lease agreements

  • Drafting residential lease agreements

  • Advice regarding both commercial and residential evictions and unlawful detainers

  • Prosecution of residential unlawful detainer/eviction litigation

  • Prosecution of commercial eviction litigation

  • Ejectment litigation


The firm assists clients with preparation of their Last Wills and Testaments as well as other documents to assist with their estate planning. The firm recognizes that many of these decisions are difficult for clients and Mr. Sasser is available to discuss various options which may be available to them.

Probate services include:

  • Advice regarding disposition of assets

  • Advice regarding end of life decisions involved in preparation of Advance Directives

  • Preparation of Last Wills and Testaments

  • Preparation of Durable Powers of Attorney

  • Preparation of Durable Powers of Attorney for Health Care

  • Preparation of Advance Directives

  • Representation of Personal Representatives on the probate and administration of estates


Guardianships and Conservatorships:


The firm also assists clients when it becomes necessary to appoint someone to assist a minor with special needs or an older adult having difficulty managing their day to day life. It is not an easy decision to go to court to obtain authority to take care of a minor child with disabilities or family members. The firm has extensive experience assisting clients with these difficult decisions and getting the necessary court appointments.

Services in this area include:

  • Consultations with clients on options available

  • Drafting the documents necessary to request the appointment

  • Coordinating the arrangement of expert opinions necessary to prove the petition

  • Representing the petitioning person and family members in prosecuting petition for appointment

  • Defense of petitions requesting appointment of a guardian or conservatorship.

  • Preparation of inventories and accountings as required by Alabama law or the court.

  • Assisting clients in taking action against guardians or conservators who may be abusing the ward or their mishandling assets.

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