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Sasser Law Firm LLC

Steve Sasser has been providing legal services to individuals and companies throughout Alabama for over 35 years. His areas of practice include adoptions, forming and advising small businesses, representing clients in civil matters, representing landlords with tenant matters, and other personal and family legal needs such as Wills, Personal Directives, and Powers of Attorney.  His clients have included individuals and families, small businesses, corporations, and Fortune 500 companies. Whether it is helping make a forever family through adoption, forming or advising a small business or representing a client in a commercial transaction or contract matter, he strives to provide innovative and quality legal representation to his clients. While he represents clients in a single transaction or matter, he has many clients for which he has provided services for several years.

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Steven C. Sasser

For over 35 years I have had the opportunity and honor to represent individuals and companies in a wide range of legal matters. I have always made it my priority to insure that each client is treated with respect and that the legal solution provided is tailored to the individual needs of the client and the situation presented. While we use technology to assist with providing legal services, we have never forgotten that personal service is the backbone of legal representation.

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